NGH Certification Training
Build a Brighter Future by
Beginning a New Full or Part Time Professional Career in Hypnosis!

We will train you via The National Guild of Hypnotists Training Program, parts 1 & 2 – with a great deal of extra cutting edge professional information and training included – based upon 3 decades of experience.

If you’ve ever dreamed of working for yourself in a rewarding career field which allows you to help others to improve their way of life, then this is for you. Through these comprehensive courses,  you will learn all the necessary skills required and you will be instilled with the confidence to open your very own hypnosis practice. Hypnosis can offer limitless opportunities as a new career, second career, or as a professional practice addition.

These courses are complete with all essential training materials; you will receive two complete professional training manuals, audio MP3’s and DVD’s, with marketing your practice information, as well as one year full membership in the very prestigious and internationally acknowledged leader in the field of hypnosis, the NGH, National Guild of Hypnotists, along with a great deal of additional career and practice information and training materials, only the Cerbone Hypnosis Institute can provide.

So what are you waiting for?  Procrastination is the thief of time and opportunity! Seize the day, avoid delay, and reserve your very own place today for a brighter tomorrow


Call for Individual and Group Class Schedules

In this National Guild of Hypnotists Hypnosis Certification Course, Section 1, you will learn:

  • An overview of the field of hypnosis, including medical, dental, therapeutic, educational and personal improvement / empowerment techniques.
  • How to hypnotize.
  • How and when to use Authoritative and Permissive induction techniques.
  • The use of suggestibility tests to determine which induction will be most effective with each client.
  • The six depth stages of hypnosis.
  • The method to measure trace depth.
  • Deepening & awakening techniques.
  • How to explain the subject of hypnosis to clients and how to help them to feel comfortable.
  • How to formulate post hypnotic suggestions.
  • How to teach clients a simple and easy-to-use method of self hypnosis.
  • How to teach clients to formulate positive action suggestions for self-improvement, to use with self-hypnosis.
  • Specific, time tested applications of hypnosis in Smoking Cessation, Weight Control & Stress Management.
  • Hypnosis, anesthesia, and pain management.
  • How to build your hypnosis practice.

All this and more, taught by a world-class instructor who is firmly committed to providing state-of-the-art training insuring his students are some of the very best trained Consulting Hypnotists in the world.

This course will give you the essential skills and confidence to begin your hypnosis practice. There will be ample time for class practice. Small class size assures personal attention from the instructor for each student.

Your instructor, John Cerbone, FNGH, BCH, CI, . will also provide additional training materials and information not usually included in this course to get you going in your new hypnosis career.

This training program will provide over 150 hours of class instruction and independent study, as required for certification by the National Guild of Hypnotists as a Consulting Hypnotist (C.Ht.).

Also included with your tuition will be:

  • An NGH Student Manual
  • Hypnosis Scripts
  • Motivational Audio MP3
  • Business Start Up & Marketing Video
  • Business Portfolio
  • Chevreul’s Pendulum
  • Your first year Membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists
(Note: In the State of New Jersey, this profession is known as Hypnosis Counseling, and Hypnotists are certified via this program. Please check local laws for correct terminologies and scope of practice.) 

For students who have successfully completed section 1 of the NGH course in Hypnotist Techniques course, in section 2 you will learn:

  • Advanced Methods of pain management and induction procedures.
  • How to use AGE REGRESSION and AFFECT BRIDGE TECHNIQUES to uncover repressed and suppressed material and memories.
  • How to perform a FORENSIC HYPNOSIS interview.
  • How to use hypnosis to enhance CREATIVITY, SELF-CONFIDENCE, SPORTS
  • How to use hypnosis with Systematic Desensitization to release FEAR.
  • How to create and write individualized EGO-STRENGTHENING hypnosis scripts.
  • The BASIC Assessment Model for developing goal-setting skills and creating behavior reinforcement scripts.
  • Learn how to develop a treatment plan for most present problems.
  • How to conduct a 6-hour SELF-HYPNOSIS WORKSHOP, how to give lectures and demonstrations on hypnosis.
  • How to combine hypnosis with other behavioral Techniques.
  • How to use GOAL IMAGE FOCUSING TECHNIQUE (GIFT) – a six-step program for improving habit patterns.
  • How to use hypnosis with IMAGE Techniques utilizing color, visual and kinesthetic imagery.
  • How to design, market and teach Stress Management, Sales Enhancement, and
  • Motivational Programs to corporations and businesses.
  • How to start or expand your hypnosis practice: Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.
  • How to perform hypnosis with groups.These state of the art courses will provide over 150 hours of program instruction and independent study required for your certification as a National Guild of Hypnotists Consulting Hypnotist (C.Ht.).  These courses will feature small groups, with ample practice time and personal attention from the instructor for each student.

    These courses also include course manuals & additional training materials personally provided by the Cerbone Hypnosis Institute, including your own e-copy of the book, Hypnotic Scripts That Work! –  The Breakthrough Book  – An Effective Hypnotic Script Encyclopedia personally researched and written by John Cerbone, F.N.G.H., B.CH., C.I., O.B. (for students who qualify.)

    As a special bonus, included within your training will be your personal e-copy of More Hypnotic Scripts That Work! –  The Breakthrough Book, Volume 2 and the new book, Power Hypnosis, The Future of Hypnotic Sessions – a truly ground-breaking  book with hundreds of professional insights for bringing the profession of Clinical Hypnosis to the next level!

    As an extra added bonus, you will also receive your own e-book copy of the ground-breaking best-seller, Power Hypnosis!

    Call for Individual and Group Class Schedules


    Live SPEED TRANCE Instant Hypnosis Workshop

    Contact us for current workshop schedule, dates, and times.

    – Discount for returning Speed Trance Certified Students!

    *** Live!!! John “The Trance-Master” Cerbone’s – SPEED TRANCE Instant Hypnosis Workshop

    John “The Trance-Master” Cerbone’s Speed Trance & Hypnotic Power Weekend Training Course

    Learn to Master Instant Inductions and Hypnotic Phenomena with the world workshop leader in speed inductions, John Cerbone.

    The future of hypnosis profession is here! – Are you ready to learn and become your very best???

    For ~~~~




    IF NOT NOW, WHEN?   

     Learn World Famous Hypnotist, John “The Trance-Master” Cerbone’s ‘Speed Trance Hypnotic Induction Techniques’ and discover how easy it is to drop a complete stranger into hypnosis in less than 3 seconds!

    Master Hypnotic Phenomena skills and WOW the world!

    This is the cutting-edge future of hypnotic trance!

    Learn New Stuff ~ and Have Tons of Fun!

    Master Numerous Instant & Rapid Inductions – save time and wow spectators! John has personally created 58 of these to date!!!

    Learn to Create Powerful Hypnotic Phenomena – give clients what they really want and astonish witnesses!

    Understand ‘Secret’ Induction Styles – learn what really works, and what does not!

    >> This weekend will be packed with info not found on any DVDs – that you can ONLY get from John!

    All levels and all branches of hypnotists – newbie’s to seasoned pros, stage, street and clinical – are welcome to attend.

    Use these powerful techniques to jump-start (and even save) stage hypnosis shows, to insure deep levels of therapeutic trance in clinical hypnosis, and to entertain with street or party hypnosis or during magic, illusion and comedy shows.

    Even with little or no hypnotic experience, you can master instant and rapid induction techniques in one weekend – and learn to demonstrate the power of hypnosis in ways only others could dream of!

    And if you are already experienced with hypnosis, you will absolutely love how Speed Trance and hypnotic phenomena techniques can spice up your performances and enhance outcomes in clinical sessions!

    Attend this weekend workshop and you will also learn how to :

    * Use humor as a hypnotic convincer in multiple settings

    * Pick natural subjects that will respond instantly

    * Use hypnotic phenomena to change perceptions and beliefs

    * Harness the power of hypnotic language for increased outcomes

    * Overcome skepticism and anxiety

    * Use Speed Trance methods in crisis and trauma situations, and with various client populations

    * Create eye-popping phenomena from hypnotic amnesia to levitation, catalepsy to invisibility, time distortion to …

    * Structure complete ‘Street Hypnosis’ and impromptu party routines

    * ~ and so very much more!

    If you’ve seen the “Speed Trance” DVD set, “Street Trance” or the hundreds of public demonstration videos posted to John Cerbone’s YouTube Channel, you know how powerful and useful these amazing techniques can be in many different situations ~ so imagine 2 full days of hands-on training to practice and refine your skills, learn even more approaches and explore even more applications! ~ Your potential will be unlimited!

    This workshop is taught by Speed Trance method originator John Cerbone – guaranteeing you no boring lectures and non-stop fun!

    You may have seen Cerbone – celebrated author, educator and entertainer – on video, on MTV, Fox News, numerous other media outlets, or heard him on the radio, seen him on, or at presenting at leading Hypnosis Conventions, or headlining his unique Speed-Trance stage hypnosis show to sold out rooms on the Las Vegas Strip.

    John’s Hypnosis career straddles 4 decades and he has personally hypnotized well over 180,000 people in his career in 27 US States, Canada, and the UK.

    And, at the end of the training, you will be receiving a Certificate of Completion in Speed Trance and Hypnotic Power – your fancy certificate – to hang on your wall or post on your website, to let everyone know that you really know your stuff.

    So come and be a part of the next generation of Hypnosis! It’s time you took your Hypnosis skills to the next level, the time is now!!!!!

    Is your Hypnosis this fast? Shouldn’t it be? 

    Real Students Just Like You, from Newbies to Seasoned Pros!

    You Can Learn Speed Trance & be even more amazing!

    Learning Proprietary Methods personally created by John Cerbone

    Ice Cold on total Strangers, almost anywhere!

    Even Street Hypnosis Shows, Live & in Public

    Even on TV!

    More Info?  Contact Us!

    20150411_165549What others are saying! 

    Real People Just like you!

    World Class Magicians and Entertainers

    Students from all over the World!

    John Cerbone is an amazing hypnotist and a wonderful hypnosis trainer. Whilst many others of the top names in hypnosis simply re-teach tired old methods John is a hypnotic innovator whose spectacular work in the area of instant inductions and ‘speed trance’ and other areas of hypnosis keep our field moving forward. John’s energy and passion for hypnosis is inspiring and he truly one of the greatest names in today’s hypnosis profession and a hypnotist who I genuinely admire”


    Nathan Thomas, New Zealand

    * Hypnosis  TrainingJohn is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hypnosis. John’s “Speed trance workshop” is great for seasoned hypnotists, and new hypnotists a like. Everyone who comes to the workshop, will walk away with mad skills.”   Obert 
    Service Category: hypnosis training
    Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

     * Hypnosis  TrainingHi John
    Thank you again for teaching me the wonderful skills and giving me the confidence to perform amazing inductions. I’ve been using them on friends and in the office with clients. I had one client (fear of flying) who was very fidgety during our first few sessions of progressive relaxation, so I decided to use the arm catalepsy conversion induction and he went right out and had amnesia for the whole session – and he was definitely not asleep, as we were talking a lot throughout!
    I will recommend you to anyone I come across who is looking to learn inductions.
    Best, Ilan

    * Hypnosis  TrainingThanks so much for this past weekend I gained more confidence then than I had in all my other training combined!  Great fun!  M. had a great time too and she has been wonderful letting me practice (my Hypnosis) on her since you were able to instantly get her over her fear of being hypnotized. Thank you,


    * Hypnosis  TrainingJohn, Thank you so much for offering the Speed Trance training in Las Vegas. Although I had been using your techniques in my shows for a few months (based on the DVD), I felt that I picked up some important nuances from your live demos… particularly the ones you did on me! I believe that in order to be good at any hypnotic techniques you need to experience it yourself as a subject. I appreciate your giving me that opportunity. You are a gifted practioner of the craft, and I hope that you will feel inspired to continue to share your insights and methods.

    By the way this past weekend I had the opportunity to perform at the Pehlichi Ichbi Youth Leadership Camp sponsored by the Chickasaw nation in Oklahoma. If you have ever performed for native American kids you know they are really….reserved.. maybe withdrawn would be a better word. They were really shy and subdued when I came out. Then I did three Speed Trance routines and, John, they came alive. After the show one of the adult sponsors with tears in his eyes told me how encouraging it was to see these kids relax under hypnosis and really have a great time. Thought you would like to know that.

    Hope I have the opportunity to see you again soon. best wishes, Gerry

    Hi John, Thanks for the heads up on “Street Trance”. You can bet I’ll be ordering my copy as soon as it is available. Just let me know where and when. Congratulations on your continued success!  I’ve had a very busy October both with show bookings and my office. Had some really tough audiences, too. But your speed techniques continue to WOW them. Hope everything is good for you as well. best wishes, Gerry  

    * Hypnosis  TrainingThis is great I know I have a much stronger way of doing hypnosis and it all got started by you. I gave you some credit on TV in Korea. You’re the best. I hope all is well Bob Sapp

    Hi John,  I am doing very well, thanks for asking. I have to tell you that have been blowing people away with your techniques. Since Las Vegas my confidence has gone through the roof. I really appreciate the time and effort both you and Richard put into that training. My shows are going well. I was at a party a few weeks ago and did a little demonstration for a few minutes. I hypnotized this guy’s wife and he booked me on the spot to perform for his company holiday party. It looks like you are going to be pretty busy with a lot of seminars. I am sure they will go well. If you want to send anyone my way that have questions about the training, please feel free to do so. I have nothing but positives to say about my experience. Well, gotta run. Going to a Halloween party tonight. I think the “Joker” will be speed trancing some people this evening. Take care my friend.

    Hypnosis  Training – Speed-Trance

    I attended one of John’s courses in rapid hypnosis this past year, and my expectations were greatly exceeded. John’s sharing of not only his techniques and art of hypnosis with his students, but his life philosophies and experiences as a stage and clinical hypnotist for more than 20 years, was invaluable for me and my fellow Workshopmates. John has more than earned the title of a master hypnotist, and I am thankful I have the opportunity to have studied with him and hope to pursue additional lessons from John in future Workshopes.”
    Service Category: Personal Trainer
    Year first hired: 2010
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

    Rick L

     Hypnosis  Training – Speed-Trance, NYC

    Hi John!

    I just wanted to say a big Thank You for your Speed Trance course!  I learned a ton of new inductions that I’m looking forward to using in my stage shows and demo work.  Your course was packed full of information that I’m still assimilating. I hope we can work together in the future and knock out some people on the street

    Your Friend,


    Thanks for the Workshopes you taught they were great!

    I’ve practiced the techniques a handful of times since and its a lot of fun!
    Take care,

    Hypnosis  Training – Speed-Trance,California

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the wonderful Speed Trance Workshop. You presented a thorough, detailed program which I found to be enormously helpful. I learned a lot,and greatly look forward to implementing the techniques that you taught. The Workshop was not only informative, it was also great fun.I’d recommend this to anyone seeking maximize the quality of their stage work. I’m so very glad I attended!


    Marsha Starr

    Hi John

    I am doing  show Saturday and intend to use what you taught .I think it’s going to look impressive on stage, and I just know I could never have even thought about doing this without your instruction………………………………… In addition I am doing a smoking session on Wed and will use the stiff arm induction because I think there’s a lot of emotional stuff that causes people to smoke…ie, comfort themselves….

    I loved that the Workshop was small because it enabled us to move quickly with a lot of personal involvement from our teacher. I am sure you would have preferred a larger Workshop for financial reasons, but as a student it was a tremendous opportunity to learn ,to grow and evolve mightily in this field. Now all that remains is to practice, practice, practice!

    I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to learn from you. You’re really good at what you do…


    Thank you for doing the West Coast this weekend…. A) I really enjoy working with you and learning from you… B) I really like having a seminar in my home town.. C) There were nothing but GREAT people in your Workshop… D) I want to do this again soon …. E) All of the above …. F) All of the above plus more that I didn’t list.

    Choose the best answer and we can all go out to play when we turn in our test…

    Seriously, Lets do this again soon.

    Jackie Spencer

    Thank you, John, for coming all the way out here. You are infinitely patient, funny and mildly psychotic…the latter a trait common among hypnotists, I’m finding. ; )

    Because of the level of attention you were able to afford the Workshop, my technique is so much improved and my confidence…well…I’ve already speed-tranced a friend at lunch today!

    Thank you John, and fellow students for a wonderful weekend.

    Hi John
    A quick note to say THANK YOU for a wonderful workshop. You truly are a wizard, and I did learn a lot from you in those couple of days.
    All the Best to you.
    Your friend, Josef

    Had a great time over the weekend at your course.
    Already had my secretary down instantaneously with butterfly and finger method.
    It was a real pleasure learning from the “master.”

    Your Friend, Ken

    John- To say that I love your course would be an understatement-. You just didn’t teach us how to do Speed inductions but you empowered us to actually create our own variations and/or own speed inductions. That is the hallmark of a superior teacher when the student can create his own and not just imitate the teacher.


    Joe – the fastest hypnotist in Mt Vernon (unless Cerbone is in town)

    Hypnosis  Training – Speed-Trance, Manchester, UK

    Hi Trance Master John
    I’ve been using my (Speed-Trance) skills the other night to trance out a few guys at the local Rotary Club as I was their after dinner speaker – so I convinced them they would be much better golfers!

    I blamed you for what I did! Hey but they loved it!
    Thanks again – I’m still using your wonderful book too – keep on trancing!

    Lady Elizabeth

    Hypnosis  Training

    “Thanks for an amazing two days John! Not only did you share your techniques and skills you also shared yourself, your experience, your philosophy and what it takes to be successful in your craft. I will definitely attend one of your advanced Workshopes in the future. If I can be of any help in anyway to you in the future just let me know.”  Rick L.
    I know I speak on behalf of the entire Workshop, when I say that your Speed Trance Workshop was amazing!  This is cutting edge, innovative, and revolutionary material with applications in both stage and clinical hypnosis.  Truly you have done with Speed Trance, what other said couldn’t or shouldn’t be done with inductions.  Not only is Speed Trance a learnable skill (as all of us were able to do it day 1), but it is also completely safe and effective.  The only thing that trumps Speed Trance, is your passion to share this technique and your desire to see us succeed!  Thank you very much for everything you have taught and shared with us all.
    Leon B

    Advanced Clinical Hypnocounselor
    Thx John. I’m in discussion now to do my first fundraiser! How cool is that? Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it was a blast! Charles P R

    “Had a session with a client today and used the Cerbone Finger Point induction.  They were down within a matter of seconds and within a minute I had pulled off a convincer where his hand was stuck to the top of his head.  The other people watching were totally freaked out…  In fact, some people couldn’t believe that they were watching a demonstration of hypnosis.  I had to assure them that was I was trained under a master stage hypnotist and this feat was completely normal.  🙂
    RAWK!” Charles P R

    The Workshop was great and a lot of fun.  I actually can’t believe how much we learned in a weekend.  Thanks so much for being so generous with your knowledge.    Niki Martinelli

    “Saturday I hypnotized 2 people simultaneously with rapid inductions and did use butterfly induction to stop smoking. was a success ;)” Robert B –  Luxemburg

    Thank you so much for an enlightening discussion and amazing demonstration last night, I wanted to say thank you and goodbye (last night) because I had to get my butt home and to bed. I live about 2 hours from Wendy and had to get up at 4:30 this morning for an appt up in Saratoga, NY.  Since you were swamped with all kinds of questions and I had to get going,  I figured it would be easier to just say thank you on here. I was never really interested in speed or instant inductions but I am now. You answered much of my doubt about the rapport/friendship building when using speed inductions. I am also  going to purchase your book “Hypnotic Scripts That Work: The Breakthrough Book Version 7.0”.  I had been debating it when viewing it on Amazon and was talking to a few folks there that had it and said it was fantastic…So I am sold.  Thank you again for a highly entertaining and equally informative evening.
    Thanx for a great weekend. It was really good!! Hope we meet again I the nearest future.

    The next weeks I will be doing a lot of street hypnosis (with new inspiration:), and filming for my Show reel which I’ll be sending to TV stations here in Norway. I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going with that. Will be mentioning that I learnt personally from “The Trance-Master” =)

    Anyway. Hope you had a great weekend in Manchester too.
    Speak to you soon!
    Henry (Norway)

    Hey John, The course in Manchester was amazing…Thank you for sharing your knowledge and humor. Yourself and Richard are truly ambassadors to our profession……


    Northern Ireland

    Hey John,
    Thanks for a great weekend training in Manchester. I’ve made strides in my confidence, which was the reason I came on the course.
    Catch you on…
    Trance well,
    John :o)

    Elizabeth says, “Hi John
    I enjoyed the workshop this weekend – hope you had a good flight home and I’ve already used a couple of things I learned yesterday! Thanks John I  have put a book review on Amazon for you today and I used a frozen arm technique on a client this afternoon waiting for surgery on a carpel tunnel wrist and it worked beautifully – they thought I was a genius so I blamed you!  I love it!
    Hope we meet again and many thanks for imparting your knowledge to all of us learners!
    Elizabeth xx

    Awesome, awesome night… hooked up with a load of guys from the uncommon knowledge forum and John (the American guy) from Manchester been zapping all evening and even went up to a girl in a bar and dropped her with your Cerbone Butterfly!!
    There was video being shot, so I can’t wait to see the results… I’m getting so much more confident at this it’s untrue… I feel like I can zap anyone now, seriously!!
    I’ve learned so much and am so confident in my abilities :D:D:D:D:D
    Hope you’re well mate… have MTV been in touch??
    Darren A

    Steven says, “Hi John, Absolutely blown away by your seminar still gotta get the balls to try that stuff. I’m studying like mad you’ve really kick started me now, thanks again for all your knowledge!!!!”

    Hi John,
    Thank you for a very al and fun weekend!!!
    Best wishes
    Sanaullah K

    * Hypnosis TrainingJohn has a way to put you at ease and his skills are fine tuned. He is also fast. You are down before you know it. He doesn’t waste time.

    Bill L 

     * Hypnosis TrainingJohn: Thanks for your time and input to my anxiety case. The sessions, 2 of them, went very well and I am sure that her situation anxiety is now well within her powers control and will not cause her any further harm.
    I am so pleased that you found the time in, what I imagine is a very hectic schedule, to help me with your knowledge.  Thanks also for your wealth of knowledge and the information you have published for us to learn from your wonderful career. Take care and remain safe, healthy and happy.
    Chris S-C – Australia

    * Hypnosis TrainingJohn: I have your speed trance DVD, and I have studied it many times. The techniques work amazingly. Would you, when you have time, be able to expand on the mental principles behind why some of these work, so that I may grasp a full understanding, and maybe be able to use the principles in creation of my own inductions.
    Thanks Harold S. – Orlando, FL

    So come and be a part of the next generation of Hypnosis! It’s time you took your Hypnosis skills to the next level, the time is now!!!!!

    More Info.? – Contact us!