Sales Force Motivation
Empower your sales staff to succeed, generate sustainable excitement, get past the 5 basic obstacles to every sale, turn most disadvantage into opportunity, remove problem thinking patterns forever, getting past struggle thinking, become challenge oriented and insure dynamic flow.

Stop Smoking – NOW & FOREVER!
Calling all Future EX-Smokers!

It’s time to regain and improve your health.  For many years, doctors have told of the dangers to health and have asked you to quit. You have read about the dangers of second hand smoke to your loved ones, and you’ve promised them you would stop, and your New Year’s resolution has come and gone, yet you are still smoking.

NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE CHARGE and take your first step into a healthier life.  To attempt to break the habit on sheer will-power alone will not work for most of us — we need proven methods designed to help develop the power to resist or overcome the addiction.

From Stress to Success – Stress Management

Lower the damaging effects of stress upon your staff and optimize performance in an ever increasingly stress-filled world. Learn stress alleviating techniques that will insure better team building, generate more unlimited options, enhance creative thinking and foster a spirit of teamwork to effectively optimize success.

Corporate Stress Management and More with Hypnosis Training from John Cerbone

Learning Enhancement

Create better memory and optimized recall while reducing performance anxiety. Allow your mind to understand the system to extrapolate solutions to challenges presented, allow your mind to freely function with laser beam like precision, achieve greater concentration, organized thinking while reducing stress and achieving success, most especially while under stressful testing conditions.

Communication Enhancement

Learn the methods that pros use when communicating, teaching or leading, while avoiding the common pitfalls.  Project your ideas and be understood, not just simply heard, learn to optimize excellence, insure greater education, memory and skill retention, keep and hold interest, excel as a communicator.

Creating Success

If you can visualize a better outcome, you can make it happen.  Learn the secrets of creating success via use of imagination and inspiration, when your mind if free, you are free to thrive and you will.  Project success and you are more easily able to attain it.

Corporate Sales Motivation Hypnosis Seminars from John Cerbone
Personal Organization for Success
Deadlines, delays, pressure, hassles can all create missed opportunities and can be a scenario for disaster.  Learn the proven and easy to use methods of time management, methods of creating order, removing clutter and other step by step recipes for accomplishment.

Personal Motivation
When an individual projects an air of enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem, they are practically insured greater and more dynamic levels of success.  In this seminar, learn to remove blockages, activate creative thinking, become re-excited about life and create strategies for living goals and dream realization.

Team Leadership
Activate your inner leader, liberate inner wisdom and knowledge and guide others to more successful and optimized states of functioning. Team organizational skills, power dynamics, and Goal Image Focusing Technique (G.I.F.T.) strategies for goal achievement are the focus of this success insuring program.

Recruitment Enhancement Program
Generate interest while sharing and building excitement about your organization. Attract new members, while effectively increasing organizational longevity.