The “STREET TRANCE” Video is Revved Up and Ready to Go!

Learn how to demonstrate hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena – instantly – anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

‘This amazing 2-DVD instructional set from “Speed Trance” Gurus John Cerbone will rock your hypnotic world!

  • How to Do Instant Inductions, step-by-step – and What to Do with Someone After they are Hypnotized
  • Effective Strategies for Successful Impromptu Encounters
  • Learn to Create Mini 1 or 2-Person Stage/Street/Party/Anywhere Shows – on the fly – with Hypnotic Phenomena such as Catalepsy, Amnesia, Invisibility, Sticky Parts, Positive and Negative Hallucinations – and More
  • Astonishing Applications for Stage and Street Hypnosis Settings
  • Amaze and Astonish Everyone!

As with all Hypnosis Gurus training videos, this set includes both classroom instruction as well as video clips of  John performing these techniques live, in public places, with complete strangers. Learn the methods step-by-step, understand how and why they work, then see them demonstrated live, with real people in the real world.

You CAN Hypnotize Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere – in 6 Seconds or Less!

You will have a blast learning and trying these new techniques – and your performance skills and confidence will soar!

NOTE:  > This video set does presume that you already understand the hypnotic process and have experience demonstrating hypnosis. > If you are a brand new beginner, we recommend you start with “Learn Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Anyone” and “Speed Trance: Instant Hypnotic Inductions” before attempting “Street Trance” – which are both available on this site.