Instant Hypnotic Inductions 2-DVD Training Set

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It IS possible to induce trance
in a complete stranger in THREE SECONDS!


Corporate, stage, and TV star John “The Trance-Master™” Cerbone and famous hypnotist Richard Nongard will teach you how to utilize the amazing yet easy to learn, proprietary INSTANT hypnotic inductions.

These powerful tools for the stage or street performer – and clinician too – produce deep trance and dramatic results, immediately. Includes confidence-building “third time’s the charm” strategies for working with nervous, skeptical or resistant clients!

This instructional video set takes the lead by taking hypnosis to the streets and performing these techniques ‘on the fly’ with everyday people in everyday situations – rather than teaching how to do rapid induction in a classroom full of hypnosis students.

You Will Learn:

  • John Cerbone’s original 3-second speed trance inductions
  • The difference between Rapid Induction and Speed Trance
  • How to take your stage and street shows to the next level
  • How to improve rapport with street subjects and clinical clients
  • How to utilize speed trance with resistant or skeptical people
  • How to master 2 different hand shake inductions
  • How to master 4 original methods of inducing instant trance
  • How to deepen hypnotic experiences – in 10 seconds
  • Plus BONUS Features:  See a complete 1-subject stage hypnosis show – performed spontaneously, with 5 skits, in less than 10 minutes