Better Public Speaking

Each and every year the number one surveyed fear is the Fear of Public Speaking, so prevalent it out ranks the fear of death.
This Self-Hypnosis recording can easily assist many people in overcoming their fears of speaking in public while making this activity relaxed, effective, and maybe even pleasurable.

Fear Free Flying

Let’s face it, a great many of us are less than comfortable flying in a plane.  Statistics prove airline travel to be safer than driving, yet many people fear air-flight.  It’s time to create a more relaxing experience when it’s time to fly out of town.

Enhanced Fear Free Flying
Super-Charged for White Knuckle Relief!

This Self-Hypnosis recording can easily assist many people in a less Fearful Flying Experience, while making this activity relaxed, effective, and maybe even pleasurable.

Generating Personal Prosperity and a Better Trust in Life

For a great many people, paying their bills has remained a lifelong struggle. Learn to generate abundance and prosperity in order to create and generate wealth. Let Internationally Renown Board Certified Hypnotist / Master Hypnotist, John Cerbone, The Trance-Master, be your self-hypnotic guide to better experiences while generating a more financially prosperous and unlimited you.

Ready to Be Seen — Free of Bushing

Many people have issues about being viewed – they are embarrassed being in front of people, working closely with coworkers, and a wide variety of other circumstances – causing a blush response. Enjoy a self-hypnotic guide to a better experiences while becoming more ready to face the world and its people, creating a more comfortable you.

Enhanced Stress Relief

– The Key to a Better Life

The fast pace of today’s world and its technology, ever increasing deadlines and schedules, modern day family life at home, and ever-congested traffic conditions, along with a wide variety of other factors, can raise the stress levels of many individuals to new heights. It’s time to calm down, feel better, and let the stress melt away – before its adverse effects take long-term tolls.  Learn to generate a reconditioned and stress-reduced world of your very own.

Better Sleep/ Better Rest

– Your Natural Way to a Better Night’s Sleep – A More Rested You

Along with ascending stress levels, more and more people each day find it hard to sleep each night, worrying over racing thoughts of the day’s activities and tasks, both accomplished and yet undone. Isn’t it time you slept and finally got some rest?  Isn’t it time you woke up in the morning refreshed? Learn to become ready for sleep and wake more rested.

Better Test Taking

— Improved Memory, and Recall

Scientifically speaking, your brain’s compacity and functioning ability is greater than any computer. All experiences, memories, and feelings of various moments exist within your mind and are capable of being recalled more fluidly and easily. You can learn to relax, remember, recall and perform.

Noise Management & Ringing Ears

Tinittus Management

Just as most individuals can focus theirs eyes near or far, noticing details to a greater or lesser degree, so too can most individuals refocus their hearing to tune in or tune out conversations. For example: Someone at a party can choose to hear a conversation from across the room while choosing to tune out completely or even ignore a conversation nearby, and so too can most individuals be subconsciously trained to tune out the sounds that ‘ringing in the ears’ brings, thus alleviating sounds they do not wish to hear.

 Calm, Tranquil, Stress-Free

Have people in your life said that you are too stressed out, the nervous type, or way too jumpy?  Why not let the relaxing and motivational power of your subconscious mind work in your favor while allowing you more comfortable moments, as a newer, improved, relaxed you rises up, most especially whenever the challenge is greatest.

MP3 Audios Include:   (custom Recorded MP3s are also available)

  • Belief in Self / Dynamic Magnetism
  • Fear Free Me! (Overcoming Fear)
  • Better Public Speaking & Media Star Success
  • Better Rest/ Better Sleep Success (Insomnia)
  • Overcoming Hair Pulling/ Twisting / Plucking / Picking
  • Smoke Free Me! (Smoking Cessation)
  • Stress and Anxiety Free Me!  Self-Forgiveness
  • Lighter and Healthier Me! (Weight Loss)
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Smoking Cessation 2
  • Weight Loss MP3 – Prime
  • Better Sleep, Better Rest – Prime
  • Calm, Tranquil, Stress Free- 09
  • Dynamic Magnetism – Knowing One’s Self
  • Better Self-Esteem, Goal Setting
  • Overcoming Anxiety & Past Abuse for a Teen
  • Cancer Support Hypnosis
  • Female Fertility Activation Hypnosis
  • Overcoming Flush Response- Release Pregnancy
  • Hypnosis for Psychic Activation 
  • Stress Relief for Cancer Support
  • Overcoming a Fear of Being Viewed, & Blush Response
  • Fearless Flying Prime
  • Fearless Flying (02)
  • Generating Prosperity, Trust in Life, Health
  • Better Golf – 2008
  • Highway Driving Empowerment Hypnosis
  • Life of Peace Worry Free
  • Overcoming Panic
  • Better Public Speaking
  • Self-Improvement
  • Stress Management
  • Better Test Taking, School Habits, Memory & Recall
  • Managing Tinnitus Stress
  • Weight Loss with Sugar Reduction
  • Caffeine & Sugar Free Me
  • Sales Force Motivation
  • Finding Something Lost, AHA Moment


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