What Is Hypnosis?!
Hypnosis is a health-promoting, regularly occurring, deeply relaxing, brain-wave energy state the average person experiences naturally 7 times a day, on their own. It exists between being awake and being asleep, as we pass through hypnosis in order to fall asleep or in order to awaken.

It has been said that this naturally occurring hypnosis simulates the deep rest we need to stay healthy.  When hypnosis is induced in a private session, it is coupled with specifically designed beneficial suggestions to improve an individual’s life. No swinging watches or fancy dramatic effects. We provide proven clinical techniques in a comfortable, relaxed setting, designed to help you improve your quality of life.

For example, have you ever stared off into space for some indefinite period of time with a relaxed mind, say in school or in a boring meeting or some kind, while perhaps a friend has waved their hand past your eyes as you then popped up?  Have you ever gotten emotional while watching a funny, sad or action-packed TV show or movie?  Have you ever driven your car and not completely remembered how you arrived safely at your destination, but in spite of that, there you are anyhow?

All of these are varying degrees of naturally occurring hypnotic states of consciousness.  While driving, should a dangerous situation arise, you’d simply come up and drive more defensively and consciously; afterwards, while relaxing, you’d be driving more automatically or subconsciously.  You would know the TV show or movie you where watching is a work of fiction, yet, your subconscious is responding to the media you are seeing as real.

In a Cerbone Institute hypnosis session, standard and proven methods of hypnosis are carefully explained and then utilized to relax an individual or group. Next, beneficial suggestions are introduced and employed to improve an individual’s life and promote an improved on-going lifestyle.  Sessions are set up using the latest high-impact techniques to create personal improvements, which might include: quitting smoking, losing weight, reducing stress, better rest, improved grades, better sports performance for golf, baseball, etc. and or numerous other benefits to an individuals life.

Films, movies and TV have used hypnosis as a plot bridge for many years, leading to some very common misconceptions.  So let’s alleviate some of the most common ones, right here and now:

1.)  There is no ‘getting stuck’ in hypnosis. A hypnotized individual will simply arise from hypnosis or fall completely asleep; and falling completely asleep is pretty rare.

2.)  There is no loss of control. In a few movies and TV shows I’ve seen, there have been plot twists where supposedly hypnotized people robbed banks, given up secrets, etc.  This is simply untrue.  Deep relaxation occurs, an improvement takes place, and people feel better – because they want to do so, not against their will.

Who Can Be Hypnotized?

Most mentally healthy people are capable of being Hypnotized, as long as they are willing to relax. The more intelligent, stressed or creative, the more Hypnotizable.

I have worked with children as young as 4 or 5 years and up, and adults of all ages, including people in their 90’s.